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Children's Mental Health Week

We have been proud as a school to take part in Children's Mental Health Week.  Although we support children's mental health on a daily basis, this week (the week of the 1st February), we dedicated our online group sessions and afternoon activities around the theme of 'Express Yourself.'  

Expressing yourself is about finding ways to share feelings, thoughts, or ideas, through creativity. We did this through art, music, writing, dance and drama, photography and film.  We carried out activities that made us feel good, as well as thinking of others. 




A key element of supporting mental health is understanding our emotions.  Children explored the range of emotions we can feel daily, understanding that it is fine to feel this range. 




We then focused on strategies to help us cope with our ever-changing emotions.  What could we do to help those feelings that have become quite big, get smaller?  The children across the school showed great reflection in their ideas.